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'Stay Healthy in a Heatwave' - An EBook by Dr Chris Nagl Undefined

Dr Chris Nagl, a biomedical expert, has published a much needed book that details ways to stay fit and healthy in a heatwave. The book focuses on people of all ages with varied lifestyles.

The new e-book 'Stay Healthy in a Heatwave' gives readers a well thought-out action plan to reduce the effects of heatwaves on their health and day-to-day life during the summers. Australia has always faced heatwaves and braving harsh climatic condition is a part of Australian culture. However, in the last few years, global warming and other factors have led to an increase in the severity of heatwaves, making it absolutely necessary that people know and follow proven ways to keep themselves safe from extreme climatic conditions.

Nobody wants to take a risk, not with their health at least; therefore, when heatwaves are getting hotter with each passing year, people should have a concrete action plan to rely upon. Heat stroke can cost lives and may also lead to life-long disability in survivors. Fortunately, it is largely preventable if proper steps are taken well in advance. The scattered information on the Internet and general public health advice may not be sufficient. And this is why the book is of particular help and importance.

The book is written by an internationally recognised biomedical expert who has extensively researched the impact of the changing climate on human health. "This book is a heat health manual for active people leading complex lives", says Chris, "and although the weather is the same for everyone, an effective heat action plan needs to protect each person as a unique individual."Therefore, Chris decided to create a step-by-step guide that helps you to create your Personal Heat Action Plan which is tailored to your and your family members'individual lifestyle, age and health status. As the book's author, Dr Chris Nagl is quite happy with the initial responses from the public.

The book contains separate chapters and detailed information about signs and symptoms of heat-related illness, prevention, first aid, medical risk factors, protection from bushfire smoke, and other key issues about staying healthy in a heatwave.

Whether you are worried about your kids who keep playing in the sun even during heatwaves, your need to work outdoors, or about particular medical condition that worsen when exposed to such harsh climatic condition; this e-book will help you to keep well and active during a hot spell. Keep it on your mobile device so you have all this vital information at your fingertips anytime, anywhere.

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