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Originating from England several hundred years ago, Cricket has been gaining popularity in several other countries as well. Today, this "Gentleman's Game" is being played by people all over the world and considered a favorite sport in countries like India, Pakistan, Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

These days young, mature and even aged people play cricket wherever they find available space in parks, vacant grounds, beaches and even in dead-end roads. Some play this game as a hobby while others play this competitive game at national and international levels. The game of cricket has the ability to improve a person's stamina, physical fitness and endurance.

A Total Recreation

Cricket is a thrilling and an exciting game. With the World cup, the Ashes and the exhilarating inclusion of twenty-twenty cricket, the worldwide support for this particular sport has grown tremendously over the past few decades. It is a common sight to see cricket enthusiasts approaching various sources in order to be connected with watching cricket.

Exclusively for those thirsty cricket buffs, the virtual game of cricket have been introduced and is fast becoming one of the top players in the online gaming world. There are innumerable websites which take to the thrills of cricket world. These online games offer cricket fans the opportunity to play cricket by following a given set of rules and regulations.

Moreover expert reviews and ranking lists help to choose the most ideal game for user and his family. So play online cricket game and have fun with online friends.

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