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State of the Art Laser Tattoo Removal Is Available at LaseAway Centers

LaseAway Skin & Laser Center is revolutionizing tattoo removal through the use of laser technology.

LaseAway Skin & Laser Center ( is revolutionizing tattoo removal through the use of laser technology. About half of all people who get tattoos end up regretting it. Laser tattoo removal is the only way to truly remove a tattoo. The process, which uses what are called "Q-switch" laser tattoo removal machines.

How do these lasers work in tattoo removal? Tattoos consist of particles of ink suspended in the skin. While skin grows and discards skin particles, the ink particles remain permanent because the particles are too big. "Q-switch" or pulsed laser tattoo removal treatment breaks up the ink into much smaller particles, allowing the normal body process to remove the ink. Because darker pigments such as blue and black absorb more laser energy the laser tattoo removal of these colors goes more quickly. Lighter colors such as pinks and yellows take more tattoo removal procedures because they tend to reflect more of the laser energy away.

Most patients who receive laser tattoo removal treatments report feeling a slight pulse in tandem with the laser pulse that feels like a small rubber band being lightly snapped against the skin.

For more information on tattoo removal and the many innovative treatments available at LaseAway Skin & Laser Centers visit:

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Providing the latest, state-of-the-art treatments in laser therapy, LaseAway Skin & Laser Centers helps patients with a variety of medical and skin issues. Employing registered nurses and licensed and certified laser specialist & aestheticians, LaseAway is dedicated to providing professional, targeted and safer treatments through the use of multiple FDA approved lasers. For more information, visit

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