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Modular kitchen are comprised of many components like cabinets, shelves, drawers etc.

Kitchens used to be dingy smoky rooms or spaces for cooking food. At times, it had a sink and running water as accessories. It used to be the most neglected areas of a household.

But no longer, with the advent of modern cooking devices like gas stoves, micro ovens, induction cookers, washing equipments like dish washers, storing cabinets for utensils, preserving machines like refrigerators, water filtering devices, exhaust fans or overhead exhaust equipments, the entire concept of cooking has changed over the years.

Concept of Modular kitchen:

Modular kitchens are made of pre built cabinet parts, which are fitted together, in such a manner that they can accommodate all the modern kitchen equipments and devices in an aesthetic manner, forming a harmonious and functional whole kitchen.

The cabinets are usually available in upper, lower and full units. Madipakam Modular Kitchen decorators convert the kitchen into a pleasant area, and transform the process of cooking into an enjoyable exercise.

Ideally, modular kitchens comprise of the following components:

• Upper or wall cabinets, which house dishes, utensils, spices, oils, etc. within them. They could be single or double door ones, and even have glass in the front, in order to make the dishes visible.

• Adjustable shelves which can be fitted into alternate slots, depending on requirement.

• Stacking cabinets, where frequently used dishes and utensils are stored in conveniently located spaces.

• Lower units which contain cabinets for storing food items, and which often include the sinks.

• Drawers within the cabinets, which serve as excellent storing places for items which would otherwise have littered the kitchen.

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Modular Kitchen in Madipakam

Modular Kitchen in Madipakam
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