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Start-up City, Business Takes a Chance in Small Town USA Undefined

Goshen Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business takes a chance in small town USA

GOSHEN, Ind. - Lighthouse Public Relations CEO, Jason Mills, took a chance when he made the decision to launch his public relations firm Jan. 1; a chance potentially intensified by starting his fledgling agency in a town with less than 40 thousand people.

However, to the United States Marine Corps veteran the risk was a calculated one.

"It's always a little scary to take a risk like this, and there are always going to be those people in your life who tell you that you're making the wrong decision," Mills said. "But trailblazers are always the crazy ones, the ones who take the unnecessary risks - that is until they're successful - then they're visionaries."

Mills explained that Goshen is home to a vibrant downtown area, is located near South Bend, Ind., has a growing manufacturing industry, and it is centrally located between Chicago and Indianapolis.

"Goshen is inexpensive, yet is close enough to Chicago and Indi for me to do business," Mills explained. "I keep my overhead low, so I can charge less."

The main task for Mills, as it is with any start-up, is building a client base. To go about this, Mills is using the web in an inventive way.

"I search for companies who hiring in-house public relations people - and I ask them, 'Would it be cheaper for you to hire an outside firm?'" Mills said. "An in-house public relations person will probably cost them at least $60 thousand per year plus benefits."

His tactics seem to be paying off, as Mills is currently courting several potential clients and is hopeful for the future of his business.


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