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Starcoat Provide Quality Powder Coating in Singapore

Starcoat Pte Ltd, The highly competitive and quality coating industry range in Architectural Coating, PVDF Coating, fluorocarbon Coating, Wood grain Powder Coating.

Starcoat Pte Ltd was established in the year 2002 in Singapore. We are in the architectural coating industry in Singapore. We strive to provide quality coating services to our customers, at exceptionally attractive price. Our mission is to provide high value services, to meet our customers' varied demands in the building industry market.

Fast forward to 2014, we are now very firmly established in the Singapore market. We have also broaden our scope of services by offering more value added coating services to our clients in Singapore. Some of our value added service includes electrostatic powder coating, general powder coating, wood grain coating (also known as timber look alike coating) and etc.

To retain and grow our customer base, Starcoat infuse high-technology into our everyday work. Advanced technology and the use of modern equipment allow us to be highly efficient in our operations. We are able to do more work, with less manpower, and yet, attrain a high level of quality output. We also exercise very strict quality control to ensure that our customers gets the quality of work they deserved. Our automated systems can provide quality coating services to you, based on strict conformance to International Standards.

Do you know that the speed and distance of the spray guns, the conveyor belt speed, or even the room temperature can affect the quality of your architectural coating? At Starcoat, with our years of experience, we are able to exercise strict conformance and produce quality results to our customers. We also assist our clients with their fluorocarbon coatings.

For our Powder Coating services, we used weather resistant polyester and PU thermosetting powder coating to form a protective coat for the architectural extrusion and panels. These are usually found in the construction of doors, windows or general external faŠ·ade of a building.

In general, Starcoat is here to stay and grow with you, our esteemed clients. We endeavor to be your architectural coating specialists in Singapore for years to come. If you need any advice or help on electrostatic powder coating, wood grain coating or even any general architectural coating, do call us at 6262 6533.

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