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Star Wars Launches Its Trilogy Series Book Along With Its 3D Video Game

Trilogy series books like the old star wars is a very fascinating way of adding flavor to the stereotypical life that every individual is living now-a-days.

Now-a-days, especially, the children are very fond of space and aliens, weapons, magic and in order to fulfill these requirements the odyssey chronicles is presenting its trilogy series books that are almost a feast for the children. The old star wars series that hit the silver screen is not something that one can forget. In order to serve the fans of star wars series, we are providing our trilogy series books that have three stories, all of them are written with panache and a touch of reality to help connect with the masses. After witnessing overwhelming success of the star wars series we are also engaged to offer our old star wars games so that the viewers can enjoy the experience of being in an altogether new world as soon as they switch on their PSP, Xbox 360 or play stations.

The game also includes a storyline in the each phase along with the interactive conversations. Players will be really interested to play this game along with the interactive conversation. A lot of challenges, thrill and excitement are associated with the game. To get more details you must visit Theoldstarwars.com.

Apart from the gaming experience you can find out a hard-line story in the trilogy series books that has three back to back stories for all star wars fans. The odyssey chronicle has presented three of the best stories that you can ever ask for in the fiction category. A wizard's Tale, The afterworlds and The Life of Zoya all these stories have a different story line and they are uniquely written to take you into a completely different world.

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