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Stabilicore Announces Residential Foundation Repair Package

Stabilicore releases brand new foundation repair package for residential properties.

Stabilicore is proud to announce their all new residential package that includes high density structural geopolymer foam concrete repair for residential homes. This package is for homeowners with foundation problems in their home, swimming pools, driveway or sidewalk.

Stabilicore has over 30 years of experience and has been one of the leading foundation repair companies in all of Texas.This new residential package from stabilicore will include a free evaluation, estimation and consultation from one their foundation repair experts. The entire process from start to finish does not take long and there is not much required from the home owner.

The process is simple and relatively easy for the homeowner as there is nothing that the experts at stabilicore don't take care of and cover. The most that would happen in a home's foundation being repaired would be maybe moving some furniture and the pulling of some carpet. That is because the process that stabilicore uses is home friendly. They simply drill 5/8" holes into your floor reaching sub base soils, then bring a hose in from the outside that is attached to a trailer, place the hose in the drilled holes and begin to fill those holes with high density structural geopolymer foam. Once the foam is in it takes approximately only 45 seconds for the foam to expand and harden causing the concrete to rise and settle back to its original level. While everything is settling the technicians will make note of elevation, interior doors and other esthetic signs to make sure everything is leveled accordingly.

The Residential package also includes any pool foundation problems. The process is almost identical to a home foundation repair. The pool is drained and 5/8" holes are drilled into the bottom, followed by foam injections. The pool is monitored by a laser level so that the lift is controlled in tenths of an inch. Once the process is complete and the pool is back where it should be then the holes are grouted over and sealed accordingly. From start to finish, Stabilicore can lift and stabilize any pool within a time span of 24 hours.

This residential package is available as of today.

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