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Sri Lankan Job Recruitment Agency Jobfactory Joins Hands with Lady Ridgeway Hospital Again

Full Day Theater Cleaning followed by a donation by its staff on Poson Poya day. Jobfactory a renowned recruitment agency in Sri Lanka gifts medical equipment to the leading children's hospital in the country.

Full Day Theater Cleaning followed by a donation by its staff on Poson Poya day

Job Factory (Private) Limited being a young enterprise celebrating two years of success in business carried on a full day cleaning project followed by a surgical equipment donation to Lady Ridgway Hospital for Children on the Posn Poya day. A crew of 25-30 employees working for Jobfactory and its subsidiaries rendered their fullest capacity during the day and cleaned the Cardiac Theater, Intensive Care Unit and also the Cardiac Treatment Wards. Almost all the electronic and other machineries were given a full clean-up as the young crowd was highly enthusiastic towards contributing to the society.

This was in our minds since the first visit we made to the LRH for the previous donation which was in late 2013. It was a highly emotional and sentimental feeling all of us went through on Poson Poya day, Madhushan Raigamage, the Chief Innovation Officer of Jobfactory Group of Companies spoke to the press. Our team is highly enthusiastic in contributing to the society in their capacity. We have donated some surgical equipment like sutures which were requested by the LRH due to its fast moving tendency. Not really the donation but the contribution we made in cleaning the equipment and machineries of cardiac theaters was immeasurable, Madhushan added. When you go to a place like this only you understand how lucky you are to stand on your feet and behave as a common human being. Employees need to be exposed to the realities in the world. They should understand the responsibility kept on their hands by the society. Not only the Work-Life balance, there is a considerable portion of Society also to be balanced along with the Work-Life. This is the secret of our success, Madhushan further added.

We do unique things everywhere even in business. Jobfactory is committed for contributing to the society and doing business ethically always. Jobfactory doesn't charge a fee from candidates in both; Global and Local recruitment operations. Generally Global Job Agencies in South Asian countries charge the candidates, but Jobfactory is highly committed for ethical recruitment practices where no fee is charged from the candidate. Nirmala Dassanayake, Assistant Manager of Job Factory (Private) Limited explained company's business strategy to the press. Many organizations including Human Rights bodies in the world, pleading companies in Middle East to follow ethical recruitment practices, where company absorbs the recruitment cost of the hire but in reality, very less companies practice it. This is certainly an excellent indicator for candidates to find out well-established companies having best practices in Middle East Nirmala added. We are being approached by many companies and Job Agencies in Middle East to supply talents for them, but we are very careful in selecting them as many are not in agreement of accepting Ethical Recruitment principles, Nirmala added.

The country needs people who do care about others. Jobfactry has proved its commitment twice at LRH. Dr. Linton Padmasiri; the Director of Lady Ridgway Hospital for Children has given his remarks addressing the crowd during the campaign. He personally stayed more than an hour with the youngsters in order to encourage and appreciate their commitment and above average attitudes. Appreciating the contribution of the Jobfactory team, Dr. Anoma Perera the Doctor-In-Charge of the Cardiac Theater of LRH mentioned that this is a rare scene to witness today as very few gives their concern on the society and environment. All working for the Cardiac Theater has supported and encouraged the young crowd to make the event a success.

Undoubtedly Jobfactory exists to make profits, yet we will continue to care the society as and we earn, that is our strategy, Madhushan Raigamage, the award winning Chief Innovation Officer explained his future plan finally.

To find out more on how jobfactory can help Sri Lankans find employment opportunities in the Middle East visit their website or call the CEO Madhushan directly on (+94)115927723-5.

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