Spysonic Offers Smoke Detector Camera as Part of Their Hidden Camera Range

Spysonic, a leading security and surveillance systems company, provides customers with high quality smoke detector cameras.

Spysonic is a leading supplier or security and surveillance systems. This Californian based company provides high quality products at affordable prices to customers throughout the world on a daily basis. The company provides solutions for homeowners and business owners, helping them protect their properties at all times.

The company offers a unique and highly efficient smoke detector camera. This hidden camera can be deceiving and looks like an average every day smoke detector, except it has a camera hidden inside which catches burglars in the act.

Spysonic advised that the smoke detector camera on offer has continuous power and is available in a down or side camera angle. When the device detects body heat from 30 feet away it starts recording, this way it isn't constantly recording and only does so when it detects a body moving towards it. This can help with watching playbacks, reducing time and enabling police to catch the burglar.

A spokesperson from Spysonic advised that the majority of home burglaries take place while the homeowner is at work, in fact over sixty five percent of all home burglaries occur between 6am and 6pm. "What homeowners don't realize is that there is a home burglary in the USA every fifteen seconds with thirty four percent of cases gaining access through the front door."

The company advised that the master bedroom is one of the first targets in any home burglary with the top five cities for home burglaries being Houston, Chicago, New York, Phoenix and Los Angeles.

Spysonic also mentioned that the number of burglaries to homes and businesses throughout the US has dropped over recent years. They believe this reduction in this type of crime is due to the new technologies being introduced on a daily basis, such as their smoke detector camera.

The company also mentioned that technology has introduced ways for home and business owners to record from their surveillance and security cameras to a computer, this enables them to playback feed to identify burglars and even access the systems remotely via their work computer or mobile device, checking in at various intervals throughout the day.

Spysonic offer an extensive range of surveillance and security systems for businesses and homes from wireless cameras and surveillance systems to hidden cameras, brackets, cables and so much more. Everything the customer needs to keep their property protected at all times.

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