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Spying Employee's Activities Is Now Easy with Employee Desktop Live Viewer

Spying employee's desktop activities is essential for organization to grow significantly as productivity of all employees play a vital role the progress of an organization. You can perform this task successfully by using Employee desktop live viewer

Spying employee activities going over their computers is very important for every business. Computer with internet facility is now an essential part of all kinds of businesses and many employees involve in unproductive activities like Accessing online videos, downloading or uploading audio files, reading personal emails and similar activities. Employee Desktop Live Viewer helps you to monitor your employees and keep them away from any useless activities going on their desktops. Monitoring employees through CCTV cameras are old ways and employees get irritated with such equipment. Employee desktop live viewer offers far better result than any other desktop monitoring software.

Employee Desktop Live Viewer:

Employee desktop live viewer software enables you keep your eyes over employee activities over computer in real time. As employees are monitored by live desktop viewer software so they become aware about their computer activities going in the network. The Employee desktop live viewer software is available with two setup files: server desktop live viewer and agent setup files for client's computers. Server Desktop live Viewer needs to be installed on the main computer of the network whereas agent setup file should be installed on all employee desktops of an organization. Employee Desktops should be registered on Server Desktop Live Viewer as agents. It is included with many advanced features like facility of monitoring and recording each and every employee's activities during a particular time e.g. day, week, or month. This Employee desktop live viewer tool records monitored user activities and saves them in AVI files that can be played using any Video media player.

While using this spy software, you are recommended to have at least 50-60 GB of free hard disk space for storing all activities of computers in the form of .AVI. Another good thing about this tool is that the agent setup file can be easily installed on all target computers connected with main server either remotely or through manual process. In fact, the software monitors the target computer of the network in online and invisible modes. Additionally, by using this tool, a system administrator can remotely control the activities of all target computers like as setting of user's password, restarting, removing the wallpaper from the client's desktops.

Salient features of Employee Desktop Live Viewer:

1 Monitors all computers connected within a network

2 Helps to keep a close watch on employee activities in stealth, online or invisible mode

3 Much effective in restricting employees from performing useless activities on their systems

4 Successfully runs on both Workgroup and Domain based networks

5 Enhances productivity and efficiency of employees and get significant Return on investmentĀ (ROI)

6 Allows you to save both online and offline records in .AVI file format

7 Administrator can schedule offline recording of the employee desktop screen in case of his/her absence

8 Offers you several administrative controls over other computers like removing or adding wallpaper, screensavers, sending notification messages etc.

9 Supports all versions of Window operating system including Window 8

Download Free Trial:

In order to be familiar with the features, functionality and performance of Employee desktop live viewer, you should download the free trial version of this tool. It is easily available on our site; you can download use it in your organization. However, you can use it only for 7 days; after that you have to purchase full version. For more detail you can visit www.pcactivitymonitor.org

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