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Get a great car wash at your location, whatever your needs!

Miguel's Mobile Car Wash Specializes in washing your vehicle, at your location. Whether it is a quick clean up, or a deep scrub to wash off miles of road grime, Miguel's can handle the job wherever you need it. There are many packages to chose from for a complete detailing on whatever kind of vehicle you own. You can also choose their weekly service, and save money on each wash!

Tough jobs are no problem, and Miguel's is used to dealing with bugs, tar, mud, and other hard to clean road grime. Inside, and out, your vehicle will be detailed, and cleaned on the spot, so you will always have your car looking its best. Even if you just got finished spending a day off-roading, Miguel's can help you make that vehicle look like it never set a tire on the dirt. It includes cleaning of interior, and exterior, and includes items such as: mirrors, tires, dashboard, ,console, rims, seatbelts, and seats. They also can treat vinyl, and leather seats, as well as trim, and door upholstery.

You can use the website online at: Miguel's Mobile Car Wash to contact, email, or send a message to Miguel's Mobile Car Wash if you would like to set an appointment, or have any further questions about a tough cleaning job you might have. You will also find a complete list of services, prices, areas covered, and even a video of detailing in action! Visit the website today and see why you should contact Miguel's Mobile Car Wash!

You can contact Miguel's Mobile Car Wash at:

900 W Lincoln Ave
CA, 92805

Telephone: -
(714) 425-2667

Website: -

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Miguel Jimenez
Miguels Mobile Car Wash of Anaheim
Miguels Mobile Car Wash of Anaheim
900 W Lincoln Ave Anaheim
Anaheim, CA 92805
United States