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Spitfire Hip Hop Collaborates with National Bullying, Not Cool Tour!

Exclusive sponsor for the 2014-2015 Global Bullying, Not Cool School Assembly Tour. Spitfire Hip Hop collaborates with The Garcia 3 to end Bullying across the globe.

Founders Jimy Lincoln and Rico Dyer collaborate with The Garcia 3 ( ( to help bring the awareness that bullying can happen to anyone. Founders passion with music during their career as a professional athlete and military personnel; coincided with the school assemblies mission The Garcia 3 was providing schools and community events; keynote speaking and live music performances. Their mission to encourage youth to pursue music and become entrepreneurs; brought their concept into a reality. Inundated with emails from all ages, asking Spitfire is their information for all ages of artists to perform nationwide. The need is there to light the fire, connection, and passion with artists and music.

Founders acknowledged that today's youth is challenged with identity and acceptance; it's time we encourage and promote music as a therapy. The platform for Spitfire Hip Hop is to guide aspiring music artists to take their talent to a level of receiving royalties, radio play, and gain global exposure. A complimentary tour locations throughout the Nation; as members. We are grateful to collaborate with an amazing movement; knowing that our sponsorship outreaches homes, schools, and communities.

According, to founders we found a business opportunity that can bring back creativity and positvity into the communities; that all ages can have a platform to gain exposure for their their talent. We are delighted to know that our passion to see others prosper and take back our youth. As, parents we want to take back authority and see this generation have the opportunity. We can't blame our government, as parents we have to hold ourselves accountable, as well. Collaboration is the key for our youth to persevere.

About Founders

Jimy Lincoln native of Pittsburgh, PA. Jimy attended Georgia Tech and is a former college football standout and National Champion. He was a freshman standout at Georgia Tech where he won A.C.C. Rookie of The Year honors in 1991. He is also among the all-time rushing leaders at Georgia Tech. Jimy was a member of the Georgia Tech baseball team that played for the 1994 National Championship. Jimy has always had an entrepreneurial spirit about him and has a few ventures under his belt. He is a graduate of Georgia Tech's College of Management.The first Georgia Tech Athlete to earn NCAA Championship rings in both baseball and football.

Rico Dyer grew up in the Hill District section of Pittsburgh, PA and attended Brashear High School. Following graduation Rico enlisted into The United States Air Force for 7 years and did a tour in Desert Storm.

Join us on January 3,2014 at 7:00pm CST, for a public conference call to find out more information about Spit Fire Hip Hop and guidance to turn your talent into royalties. Email for conference line phone number.

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