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Specific Media Launches Householding Garage Access with Nissan, Kia and Infiniti First on Board

Specific Media continues to harness 'real world data' with revolutionary new insight from the DVLA into household car ownership, creating unique automotive targeting opportunities

Specific Media announces the launch of Householding Garage Access, a unique targeting capability that paves the way for advertisers to isolate audiences based on the vehicle they have 'in the garage', and reach them across all connected devices in the home.

Garage Access combines DVLA vehicle registration data from Experian with Specific Media's powerful Householding™ tool, allowing brands to deploy their messaging across all devices and formats in more than 19 million UK homes.

A new car is a considered purchase. Automotive brands can now seed conversations within households that are not current owners of their brand to drive active consideration and build market share. Garage Access also provides the ability to target current customer households, promoting brand loyalty and delivering relevant post-sales messaging.

Nissan wanted to strengthen its leadership in the Electric Vehicle category and drive conversion by promoting the Nissan LEAF to homes which have a C-Segment car in the garage and are in-market for a new vehicle. "This solution opens up some appealing new opportunities for auto advertisers. Being able to not only target specific car owning households, but also overlay behavioural data, gives us confidence that our message is being seen by the right people, at the right point in the sales cycle, and thus in the most relevant and effective context,' claims Lewis Young, client account director, digital, Manning Gottlieb OMD.

Kia have adopted the approach for their after-sales campaign which is aimed at driving awareness within 'Kia homes' of their recently launched online service booking platform, with Hamish McCowan, after sales director from Kia Motors (UK) Ltd stating that, "Specific Media's Garage Access offers us the ability to accurately target our Kia family members across digital platforms. There is nothing like this on the market and we are always enthusiastic about media firsts and what they can bring when it comes to communicating with our customers.'

"We have put real world data at the heart of all our recently released and upcoming client solutions, in our quest to provide marketing solutions rather than just digital solutions. The understanding of consumers' preferences in their offline life makes for more relevant conversations when they are online," concluded Toby Benjamin, senior director, advanced media solutions, Specific Media.


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Specific Media is a leading global media company connecting brands with consumers across one of the largest audiences worldwide. Our exclusive data partnerships, multi-screen and multi-format targeting capabilities, and innovative advertising solutions enable brands to influence purchasing decisions as they are being made. With over 500 premium publishing partners, superior reporting methodologies, and a suite of proprietary products, Specific Media allows for smarter and more efficient campaigns.

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