Specialty Concierge Medicine On The Rise -- Cites Trade Journal, Concierge Medicine Today

Specialties and menu pricing in membership medicine offices on the rise -- More physicians start up concierge medicine and direct-pay offices in dental, OBGYN, pediatrics, surgery and more.

Concierge Medicine Today's research and data collection arm, The Concierge Medicine Research Collective (The Collective), examined 500 medical practices in four of the most popular states in concierge medicine, boutique healthcare and direct-pay offices from April of 2013 - April of 2014 looking at them from a specialty perspective. They found that among the operating physician practices in California, New York, Georgia and Florida, four of the top 5 most highly populated states in this industry, the following:

42% of Concierge Care Practices are Internal Medicine/Primary Care
27% of Concierge Care Practices are Family Medicine.
17% of Concierge Care Practices are Osteopathic Medicine.
14% of Concierge Care Practices are specialty physicians, which range which include: pediatric concierge care; neurology; cardiology; urgent care; chiropractic; anti-aging and hormone replacement; acupuncture; gynecology; dentistry and addiction recovery medicine.

Many practices are expanding their operating hours to accommodate working Moms and Dads while continuing to remain open scheduling and offer same-day visits, Saturday's also.

Unlike the high-end retainer-based practices that made the news a decade ago, most concierge care, membership medicine, and direct-pay physician practices cost less than $130 per month. But, when our team examined these practices a little deeper, looking at basic service offerings, etc., we learned that general primary care and visits to the practice for annual physical examinations are not enough to keep patients happy and coming back year after year.

Concierge Medicine Today also learned very quickly that only four out of every ten concierge and direct-pay doctors offices are working with and negotiating discounts with local labs in their area for services such as: PAP Smears; X-Rays; MRIs; Colonoscopy; Genetic/DNA Tests; and more.

Many Concierge Medicine and direct-pay doctors are incorporating a vast number of added-value services for patients to aid in patient satisfaction and retention. Services include: Heart burn and gastrointestinal disorders; B12 injections; Vitamin deficiencies; Hormone balancing therapies; Mole checks; Testosterone injections; Medically supervised fat loss programs and a diverse collection of other wellness-focused and anti-aging solutions.

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