Special Children Enjoy Their Day Out

AIESEC Baroda conducted pre-event of BALAKALAKAR 2012 on 9th of December 2012 with the view of spending some time with those special creations of god who are the reason of the actual left innocence of this world.

Brightly attired, carrying their satchels, and armed with pencils, erasers and colour boxes, the 55 odd children of various age groups sat, bent over their drawing sheets, etching figures and sceneries with complete concentration, and quite oblivious to the interest they were generating from the mall-crawlers at one of the city malls on Sunday evening.

It was only when one looked closely for an odd movement of a hand or feet, or a hearing aid tucked beneath the ear, then the realization dawned that these children were, well, special, in every possible way. And the credit for bringing out their creative side and to give them a fun-filled special evening, was to be given to youth organization AIESEC, which had organized this pre-event called 'mini-Balakalakar' in the run up to their main annual event 'Balakalakar' to be held on December 23.

On Sunday, the drawing competition was followed by a talent hunt and dance performances by the same children and the event ended with AIESEC members jiving with the children. The AIESECers also took the opportunity to promote the concept of voting. "Even adult disabled people have the right to vote and hence their families should enable them to participate in voting," they said.

Balakalakar- the artist in every child, is an annual initiative of the world's largest youth run organization, AIESEC, with the aim of creating an opportunity for 5000 under privileged children of the city to discover and develop their hidden talents in the art, craft and dance while having fun simultaneously . The organization also engages more than 500 youth volunteers via these workshops in Vadodara.
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