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Sparkbrowser has undergone many changes in the past several months, Changing the default framework from a Windows Based program to the QT framework. Qt is cross platform compatible and is also available for mobile devices.

Sparkbrowser2, the latest and greatest browser from Spark-Industries has been released to selected markets in the past few weeks.

Sprkbrowser2 has been shown to increase the usability of the internet by displaying relevant infomation. Sparkbrowser2 has some new unique features that were tested.

Sparkbrowser 2 came preloaded with the QT framework, a C++ based UI for faster load times, and better cross platform integration. The majority of users found that sparkbrowser2 was significantly faster than Sparkbrowser BETA.

Spark-Applets Sparkbrowser allows websites to be treated as thumbnails, store up to 500 websites on your homescreen in different directories, or add sites that are your favorites to a searchable list. Sparkbrowser2 divides these categories by different interests such as work and entertainment.

Sparkbrowser2 of course comes with the latest webkit build, and will be switching to V8 in later builds.

Check out Sparkbrowser2, which will be released to the public for download in mid august.

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