Sparkbrowser and Spark to Release Sparkbrowser2

Sparkbrowser has recieved over 25,000 downloads in the BETA, there were many missing features and problems with this original version, and we are working dilligently to resolve these problems in the next release.

Sparkbrowser and Spark are to release Sparkbrowser2, everyhting sparkbrowser BETA should have been. with all of the bugs worked out of Sparkbrowser BETA, the new version, Sparkbrowser2 will be better than ever, faster, more secure, with easier to use features and compatibility on more machines.

Sparkbrowser2 includes webkit, just like sparkbrowser BETA, however in Sparkbrowser2 there will be dual or quad core rendering engines, in order to render the cached pages, and links that you have already visited, as well as links that you save to the bookmarks.

If you have downloaded Sparkbrowser BETA, check out Sparkbrowser2, it has increased functionality than the limited web browser, sparkbrowser.

if you are interested in this browser, check it out at sparkbrowsers official site.

Over the past year sparkbrowser has been downloaded thousands of times, and it has made many millions of requests to google, bing, or whatever search engine you have used. In fact these searches have been so efficient for the user, that the server became strained by the bandwidth. In sparkbrowser2, the autocomplete will happen after a time delay of 2.41 seconds. This seems to be a reasonable time in testing for the browser to wait before searching. Sparkbrowser, Sparkbrowser media player, as well as Spark OS will all comply with this policy of 2.41 second time delays.

Sparkbrowser2 is to include Dual or Quad webkit engines, prefetching, pre loaded HTML, and all of the features outlined in the original Sparkbrowser BETA.

as of 2011 the second generation of sparkbrowser is here, be sure to search with 228 bit (really 256) encryption. The 228 bit encryption is sparkbrowsers signature encryption method. coined 228 bit for marketing reasons, the browser is actually using standard 256 bit encryption.

Sparkbrowser2 has overcome the .net framework, no longer needed in the source files, Bing and microsoft have been more than generous, however the .net frameowrk has caused many problems for Sparkbrowser, and in the future the browser will be compatible with any operating system, XP, VISTA,7,OSX

Sparrkbrowser2 is to be released in mid august of 2011, by far the most advanced piece of software in the Spark line, and possible the best in the world.

Sparkbrowser2 is immune to viruses of any kind that can be embedded in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE. these viruses change the default search provider, homepage and may be insecure.

with a change in the software Sparkbrowser2 will increase in downloads for 2011, as well as take on a whole new appearance for 2011.

thank you, The Sparkbrowser Team

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