Spanish Language Route: An Innovative Way to Learn Spanish

SLRoute has created an unprecedented project to introduce foreigners into Spanish language and culture through a videogame.

SLRoute is a SME that does research on Spanish teaching methodology and has launched a project of language learning. The videogame Spanish Language Route takes students into Spanish language and culture in a funny and easy way, through the Way of St James. This videogame, that is already available online, is based in a 3D platform with the latest technological advances and is composed of 36 stages that represent every level of The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (A1 - C2).

Spanish Language Route is available in different languages (English, French, Portuguese, Chinese and Russian). Therefore it is thought so that the learning can be started from the most basic levels. Users go into a digital adventure through a different route depending on their mother tongue.

Educational contents include exercises that can be evaluated, a revising library, a virtual classroom for group teaching, continuous assessment, support notebooks, specialized manual and other tools that make Spanish Language Route an easy and interactive method for Spanish language learning.

During the game progress, users will interact with the Way of St James and will receive the same stamps as real pilgrims when they overpass a stage so at the end they can obtain the Compostela. All in all, it is an extraordinary experience in which players learn Spanish doing one of the best known Spanish routes.

The Universidad de Alcala de Henares supports this project of innovation in Spanish as foreign language learning and the Ministerio de Industria, Energia y Turismo has financed it jointly.

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