Soundista Celebrates Two Years of Electronic Music Appreciation, Enjoyment and Learning Online

Soundista takes pride in being home to comprehensive information, reviews and tips for all types of electronic music and on everything music-related.

Online music magazine Soundista hails a new milestone as its marks its second year as a leading portal for everything electronic music to entertain and educate visitors. is home to a wealth of information relating to music of the electronic, house, techno and similar contemporary genres. While so, the website also covers the ins and outs of the industry, including music, audio production, gear or software that makes noise.

For two solid years, has offered several electronic music reviews, music production app reviews and electronic music production tips and tutorials. Visitors who enjoy electronic music and are interested in the fine points of making it happen will find practically everything that they are looking for at

"Our global editorial team brings passion and experience in DJing, pro audio, and music publishing," said the music enthusiasts behind "You'll find stories, articles, and interesting tidbits about anything that has to do with electronic music," they emphasized. has been keeping everyone in the know on the who's who as well as the hottest hits in the electronic music industry. Regularly updated, the website features the latest electronic music albums by no less than the highly regarded icons in this music genre. The industry's big names and the most promising newcomers will find their space at, which features music artists such as Trevor Loveys and Exmag. makes known the science and art, as well as the technologies behind techno and electronic music. From essential answers to copyright questions, to the elite list of audio engineering schools, to breaking news on popular music app, to the best mixes released -- the website has been keeping every visitor informed and entertained.

To find out more about Soundista, please visit for information and celebrate with the website in its second year of championing popular electronic music.

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