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Sound Isolation Company Provided Soundproofing Design for Renovation of Harmonic Music Studios in Washington, DC

Sound Isolation Company designed and conducted an acoustic renovation in Washington, DC's historic Chevy Chase Arcade where Harmonic Music Studios is located.

The mission of Harmonic Music Studios is to offer music lessons and performances to the greater DC community. Harmonic Music Studios is located in the Chevy Chase Arcade, a prestigious shopping venue named on the United States Register of Historic Places. The challenges of renovation in historic buildings combined with the acoustic and privacy demands imposed by the existing building created a unique challenge for the company.

Sound Isolation Company was contacted to provide on-site consulting and to design an acoustical and soundproofing solution for the client and the contractor. After a review of the space, Sound Isolation Company provided a plan and details for contractors, along with direct communication and project management during the six-month renovation.

"There were three priorities for Harmonic Music Studios to operate successfully in the space; soundproofing to prevent neighboring businesses from complaining, room acoustics to provide a suitable learning environment for the students, and the prevention of sounds bleeding from one classroom to another," explained Jody Cook, President of Sound Isolation Company. "Working with the client and the contractor we were able to facilitate a comprehensive acoustical design. We provided ongoing support as complications arose while working in a 100-year-old building."

Harmonic Studios became operational in March and has seen steady growth in the number of students and lessons taught per week. The foundation continues to provide creative community enrichment activities to the Chevy Chase community. Music and arts are only a part of the education they provide to children and adults on a regular basis.

Sound Isolation Company is a provider of luxury-rated soundproofing solutions with over 50 years of combined industry experience. Specializing in simple, reliable products to create privacy between spaces, the uses for their products are many; single and multi-family construction, urban re-development, luxury home theaters and recording studios. More than just products, Sound Isolation Company provides design, education and hands-on experience for residential, industrial and commercial clients nationwide. Sound Isolation Company is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina with additional soundproofing product distribution locations in New York City, New Jersey, Texas, Tennessee, and Southern California.

Harmonic Music Studios was founded by Marshall Willner and Brigette Willner as a way to connect to the community through the arts and music and provide an inspiring way to learn and participate in music. Their organization is based on the simple principles: Music is important, music needs to be nurtured by educated musicians, and everyone should have access to music. Their historic studio space provides music education to the greater Washington, DC area.

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