Sony Playstation 3 Controller Metal Series Wraps/Skins

Each style of Sony Playstation wrap or skin comes in four amazing variations - brushed Gold, Brushed Steel, brushed copper and brushed Onyx.

Typically, the Sony Playstation 3 gaming consoles (or controllers) go through heavy usage and often, a lot of abuse. Having a skin or wrap for one's Sony Playstation 3 controller not only protects it from getting discoloured due to sweat it also protects the controller from a certain amount of abuse.

In addition to the protection it offers, the Sony Playstation 3 gaming console skin or wrap, especially the Metal series wrap adds a lot of colour and fun to one's Sony Playstation.

Obtaining a Song Playstation 3 controller skin is fairly easy and straightforward; simply visit and select one's Sony Playstation model. Once one're there, there's a choice of Metal Series, Wood Series and Carbon Series wraps and Xbox Skins. Choose between any of these styles of Sony Playstation 3 controller skins or better still, buy one of each. That way, one's friends can drool over themselves wondering how one manage to buy a new Sony Playstation gaming console every other week.

Each style of Sony Playstation wrap or skin comes in four amazing variations - brushed Gold, Brushed Steel, brushed copper and brushed Onyx. These metal series of Sony Playstation 3 wraps are really fabulous because they bring to one's favourite device, the same cool look and finish that top selling sports cars have.

All our Sony Playstation 3 wraps / skins have been carefully engineered so that each is a perfect fit. In fact, one's friends will wonder where one might have purchased one's Sony Playstation 3 controller. The holes and slots for the buttons are just right and the skin fits perfectly on to one's Sony Playstation.

Applying one's new Sony Playstation 4 Skins is a breeze. As soon as one's package arrives, open it and place the new skin on a smooth clean surface. Peel off the glued translucent cover from the back of the skin and carefully place the new skin over one's Sony Playstation. Use a clean soft cloth to press down and smoothen out the new skin. Two minutes is all it takes.

If one had a pre-existing skin or wrap covering one's Sony PlayStation 4 Skins, while one may still place the new skin over the previous one, it is better the previous skin was removed. To remove the previous wrap, carefully pry lose the edge of the previous wrap and pull it gently but firmly. Dab a little bit of cleaning agent onto a piece of cloth and wipe the surface of one's Sony Playstation gaming console. The cleaning agent one use should be just enough to moisturize the controller. Do not use too much cleaning agent or it might seep onto the circuit boards via the button holes. Let it dry before applying the new skin.

Now one's games can really be fun!

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