Some Attentions Before Choosing Conveyor Machine

The different conveyor has different application, so we should pay some attentions before choosing a conveyor.

Conveyor machine features compact structure, convenient to maintain, energy saving and stable operation, which is mainly applied in the food, medicine, daily chemical and other industry. The different conveyor has different application, so we should pay some attentions before choosing a conveyor.

1. Portability and mobility.The portability and mobility may be highly desirable attribute of food conveyor which can add to the productivity in the form of lowing long-term investment and maintenance cost.

Repair and replacement. When the components of food belt conveyor is damaged, we can replace it as easy as possible into place, because the components, like belts, drives, accessories, are all separate unit. If there is damage of the belt, we only need to replace the damage section of the belts, And then continue processing, without specialized labor and taking much time.

3. Reconfiguration. If we need to integrate the relevant conveyors to increase efficiency to meet the produce deadline, even if it involves special turns , inclines, the operation should be easy and inexpensive, or else, it will waste operation time and delay the produce schedule.

4. Maintenance cost. The maintenance is direct with productivity and profits. The plastic belt conveyor is much easier clean than metal one, which can be cleaned with water or detergents without risking rust, if you need, you can choose plastic belt conveyor.

5. Clean standard. The requirement to meet clean standards has become increasingly important for manufacturers in medicine, food and other industries. Most of conveyors have problems meeting this standard due to the lubricants used on their rollers or dust emitted from variable-speed motors using brushes. So we choose conveyor, especially food conveyor, which should be brushless variable-speed motors and self-lubricating rollers. With this conveyor can set up our production throughout.

6. Warranty coverage. While purchasing conveyor, besides the warranty on materials, workmanship and driving motor, the warranty coverage should also include the belts, rollers, idlers and other accessories.

7. Installing method. Installment is a essential part for a conveyor, we should choose the easy-installing conveyor, because many conveyors involve expensive, specialized engineering and possibly costly and time-consuming installing methods. So it is necessary to choose a professional and experienced conveyor company providing you with technical guild.

The above mentioned attentions are somewhat primary to be paid, and attentions will be varied according to requirements in practice. Our company are capable of eliminating your above attentions, making your food conveyor productive and profitable.

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