SolarVolt Power - Builds First Solar Modules That Carry a Lifetime Warranty

This puts SolarVolt Power in the position of being the first solar module manufacturer who is willing to extend the warranty on both the construction and power output well beyond the industry standard.

Up until now, solar module manufacturers have always offered at best, an 8 - 10 year warranty on frame construction and 25 years on power output. The solar module frame could conceivably fail in say 11 years, and the customer would have no other recourse but to purchase outright a new replacement. This would be because; by the time you have to pay someone to remove the defective module, have it shipped to the manufacturer and make the necessary repairs, and then pay to have it shipped back and reinstalled, the cost would be just as much as a new module. The 25 year warranty on the power output would be useless at this point.

Given the cost of the solar system equipment and the installation charge, a complete residential solar power system can easily run into the tens of thousands of dollars, and the ROI (return on investment) can be up to 25 years.

That fact is very hard to swallow; just as you are getting to the point of saving some real money, the warranty could run out.

The people at SolarVolt Power have done extensive research in the area of product longevity, using many different types of solar cell encapsulates and alternative forms of heating as part of the lamination process. "From this point on, any residential applications using the SolarVolt Power solar modules will allow the end user a peace of mind, knowing they will never need to be concerned about warranty issues", says Jim Gressel, of SolarVolt Power.

These same solar modules used on commercial applications will allow a full 40 year warranty, again the longest in the industry. The residential lifetime warranty is not transferable; however, the warranty for commercial use is transferable.

For more information, and for finished goods availability and lead times, please contact the SolarVolt Power customer service department.


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