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Software Developers India Leads The Way In App Development And Custom Web Design

Entrepreneurs and startups have access to app development and custom web design all in one place: Software Developers India.

Entrepreneurs and startups have access to app development and custom web design all in one place: Software Developers India.

The company, which offers free consultations, applies more than 15 years of experience in developing Android and iPhone apps and custom websites --as well as in helping companies stay ahead of their competition with the technologically advanced Google Glass and Android Wear.

App development. Software Developers India's app developers have helped such major corporations as PepsiCo Inc. and Marvell Technology Group Ltd. to excel at their app development strategies. An app that Software Developers India built, Video Date, was also recently featured in Time magazine, USA Today, Glamour and other publications.

iPhone apps. As an experienced iPhone app development company, SDI follows Apple's strong design principles to create visually appealing, intuitive interfaces that flawlessly integrate into everyday iPhone use. The company's iPhone app developers have delivered everything from simple fun & leisure apps to sophisticated back-end powered business tools--working closely with clients to ensure that each app is completely customized to their individual needs.

Google Glass. The device, which displays hands-free information on a tiny screen, can provide endless possibilities for app development incorporating Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, speakers, a camera, microphone and touchpad. SDI's Google Glass app development process creates unique experiences between the Glass user, the Web and the world around them. As usage of Google Glass grows, so will the need for new apps or "glassware" for this much-revered wearable technology.

Android Wear. The recent introduction of Android Wear has created big opportunities for startups and entrepreneurs to get in on the ground floor of wearable app development and smart watches. Android Wear apps, which share compatibility with other Android apps, incorporate such capabilities as location-based applications and voice control.

Custom web design. Software Developers India provides functional, high-quality web design that is both creative and affordable. Their custom websites help businesses and brands get noticed with robust, scalable and attractive websites. The company has built and launched more than 4,000 websites for customers worldwide, incorporating search-engine optimization, social media integration, lower bounce rates and increased engagement. The company also handles all maintenance work including managing servers or cloud based services, billing and subscription services and extensive content management systems in multiple languages.

Software Developers India's team of more than 200 mobile and Web developers can design applications from scratch, develop entire software systems tailored to the problem domain and ensure compatible processes. SDI's integrated solutions are also very robust and scalable.

Software Developers India also ensures the highest quality for its clients' app development, while also providing affordable costs. Pricing for apps starts at $1,000 per app, while Web design pricing starts at $800 per website or $20 per hour including free hosting for the first year.

No matter what your next app or website project entails, Software Developers India is there to provide free consultation, affordable pricing and award-winning capabilities to help move your company into the future.

About Software Developers India
Software Developers India is a leading developer of apps and websites, headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in Australia, the United Kingdom and India. It provides clients with superior technical talents and project management teams combined with practical costs. Over the past 15 years in 40 countries, the company has provided superior Android and iPhone app development and website design--as well as apps for Google Glass and smart watches. Please visit or contact Software Developers India directly at 408-802-2885 or

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