SOE Software Election Night Results Software Used to Report North Carolina Election Results

State of North Carolina Uses Clarity Suite Software to Report Special Election Results

The State of North Carolina Board of Elections has posted the unofficial results for the two contests held for the Special Election on April 26, 2011. Three counties participated in the special election and two contests were on the ballot. The results of the election, which are being displayed online in conjunction with SOE Software's Election Night Results software application, can be found at the following url:

The two contests on the special election ballot included the Handy Sanitary District Supervisor and Simpson Sewer Bonds Referendum. The unofficial results of the Handy Sanitary District Supervisor, where voters selected three individuals, led to voters picking Karen Nash, Arlin Sechrist, and Norman Hunt as the top three candidates. The Simpson Sewer Bonds Referendum returned unofficial results of "No" winning.


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