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Free collaborative, online, research tools empower students to research and write efficiently.

Gone are the days of stacks of photocopied pages and hastily scribbled note cards. Today students do their research on the Internet. CoKnown provides the tools for efficient and collaborative online research. The CoKnown Toolbar makes clipping and saving information fast while eliminating redundant research and missed opportunities. Projects, Pinboards, Lists and Tabs can handle organizing the most demanding research with ease. CoKnown enables students to collaborate in real time and everything is available online. Organization and accessibility makes peer and/or professor review a snap.

CoKnown Research Toolbar
The Research Toolbar allows students to clip any part of any webpage and add a title and notes. The clipping and full archival webpage are then immediately available to them and their collaborators on their Project page. The Toolbar's menu allows students to instantly switch between Projects.

Organization: Pinboards, Lists & Tabs
Students can add as many Tabs to a Project as desired to organize their research. Every Tab is viewable as a Pinboard and as a List. Clippings can be dragged & dropped anywhere on a Pinboard and resized as needed. Meanwhile List Views are focus on the text and notes. List items can also be dragged & dropped and reordered at will. Finally, Projects can be interconnected to create Semantic webs of knowledge. Finished Projects can be archived for later reference and use.

Cloud based Collaboration
Students have full permission-control for Collaborators. Once permission is granted the Project is immediately available in their Collaborator's Toolbar. Refreshing the Project page provides Collaborators with instant updated additions and changes. CoKnown automatically keeps track of who added what to the Project and when it was added.

Histories & Backtracking
Clippings and smart bookmarks are organized in chronological order on the Project's History. Your entire research history is private and attached to the Project itself. To further facilitate backtracking CoKnown also splits up the project's history and displays which pages were visited between one save page and the next.

Notes & Writing Tools
Notes can be added anywhere within Projects. Notes can be unlimited in length and include full text editors with spell checking. This allows students to write their paper within the context of their research.

Peer and/or Professor Review
Because everything on a Project is available online and organized in a concise visual layout, progress reviews are extremely quick. Sources, content, notes and timestamps are all available at a glance.

With CoKnown research is fast, thorough, organized and collaborative. Welcome to Social Researching!

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