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Social Media Playing A Vital Role In The Success Of Trade Shows

When it comes to trade shows, social media is a valuable tool for exhibitors to engage with their followers prior, during and after the event. If done the right way, it can turn followers into customers!

The use of social media at trade shows is becoming increasingly popular as more and more businesses integrate the use of these platforms in order to keep up with the times. The number of people who engage in social media on a daily basis continues to grow. Many people have come to rely on these resources to find service providers, share and find reviews, and interact with companies and business owners.

Social media platforms can be used to promote trade shows and marketing events, but how is it being used during the event? And how are business owners continuing to use these tools once the event is over?

Businesses are finding fun and unique ways to call attention to their booths through tools like Twitter by offering incentives or intriguing 'tweets' to peak the interest of attendees. Some exhibitors offer closed loop wi-fi access to get people to stick around a bit longer and offer extra content through the use of apps or mobile event sites.

Once the event is over, social media savvy business owners are keeping up the buzz by talking about the event on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other areas. They may share photos or video, talk about highlights, thank people for attending, and ask for their feedback. This can be invaluable. Asking for suggestions and comments gives business owners a way to engage followers and it demonstrates that they value their feedback. And a huge plus - it gives them topics to work with on future posts and blog topics. This way they know they are speaking on topics that their followers are truly interested in as opposed to guessing on engaging or sharable content.

Business owners are recognizing the value in taking advantage of the wide reach of social media to get their brand out in to the world. If they provide a good service or product, the news can spread like wildfire on these platforms! If you are planning to attend a trade show and are looking for an experienced trade show exhibit builder, contact Xibit Solutions at 702-361-7502 or visit http://www.xibitsolutions.com.

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