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Smile Sensation U.K. Offers Premier Non-dental Laser Teeth Whitening Services Without the Hefty Cost

Smile Sensation U.K., the largest independent, laser teeth whitening specialist serving patients in the North East of England, offers top quality non-dental service at popularly affordable rates.

Teeth whitening procedures are becoming increasingly popular among people of all ages who want not only to keep their oral health in top shape, but also look and feel better. It is no secret that a whiter smile is one of the more observable factors that enhance a person's overall appearance, thereby boosting a person's confidence and appeal. The challenge, however, lies in finding a reputable teeth whitening service at reasonable prices, because while some clinics actually deliver results, they offer outrageous service rates.

Smile Sensation U.K. is the largest independent, laser teeth whitening specialist in the North East of England. Established in early 2009, the company is on a mission to dramatically reduce the cost of teeth whitening to the general public, who hitherto were often being charged fees in the region of $300 to $800 - or £188 to £500 - by dental professionals in the United Kingdom.

Trumping teeth whitening dental services in terms with competitive rates, Smile Sensation UK provides laser teeth whitening in just one hour through home visit treatments for, on average, $180 to $650 less. Notably, Smile Sensation UK has been keeping its rates fairly stable since its inception.

Unwavering in its goal to provide affordable yet quality non-dental laser teeth whitening services, Smile Sensation U.K. recently launched the online booking facility which clients can use to view the available appointments conveniently and make reservations. Moreover, the company is presenting its five-year price freeze, available to all clients when who make their first booking online.

Smile Sensation UK is offering the tremendous money-saving deal to clients which no other laser teeth whitening company in the local catchment area has been able to match. When asked about the rationale behind their offer, a company spokesman said: "We see it as a loyalty reward to our valued clients in what is a highly competitive market place. If this generates continuing income for ourselves over a period of years from customers who may otherwise have gone elsewhere, then we see it as a 'win-win' situation for both customers and company alike."

Although the primary function of the business is that of a mobile, home-visit laser teeth whitening service, Smile Sensation UK also offers salon facilities at a slightly higher cost, factoring in the minimal additional fee of $32 or £20. Because such salons are not owned by Smile Sensation U.K., the additional costs are used directly as payment for use of the salon facilities.

To find out more about the top-rated, low-cost services of Smile Sensation UK, please visit for information and to book an appointment.

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