Smartur Kids Get NaMo, AK, RG to Dance to Their Tunes

In an attempt to create basic awareness about Indian politics and elections of our country amongst children, Smartur (, start-up in the space of digital content solutions for schools and students.

Today's children are tomorrow's voters but traditionally in India the education system as well as elders; don't focus on educating them about basic politics and the election process. While the grown-ups invariably read, hear and discuss politics in the election season, children are not considered an audience at all even though they will be ready to vote in just a matter of few years.
"India is a young country but the focus of creating awareness has always been on the existing voter base. In this traditional approach, we tend to miss out on our future citizens who may not vote this election season but they would comprise the most attractive 'first time voter' segment next time around. This initiative is our attempt to make the political and election system more inclusive for the younger lot who can be made aware about elections in a fun and entertaining manner," said Neeraj Jewalkar, founder of

ABC of 2014 Elections - The Infotainment Way
Keeping this gap in mind, Smartur has created this platform which is an exciting mix of fun and education. Under this, children can start learning the basics of Indian politics and election system by taking a simple quiz which is called Fun Election Contest. The contest on is designed for children aged 12 to 16 years. Lucky winners drawn in a lot will win some exciting gifts. Then the next section is Fun Facts which is a compilation of visually appealing info graphics about NaMo, AK and RG that chronicles their journey in politics.

This is not all, our future voters also get to rate the future PM candidates under the Fun PM Test where 3D augmented images of Narendra Modi, Arvind Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi can be beamed on any surface through a web cam. Once these 3D images are projected, kids can make them do a variety of tasks like making them dance in Gangnam style, exercise and lift heavy weights, dance to bhangra etc. At the end of the tasks, children can vote on scale of 10 for the performances of the three PM candidates.

And it just doesn't end at fun and learning, through its Children's Manifesto section also allows the kids to voice out their demands in the form of their desired manifesto and post it along with their preferred future PM candidate on FaceBook.

Hopefully, the future voters will not just become more 'Smartur' about A(AP), B(JP), (C)ongress (ABC) of Indian politics but also have fun along the way.

About Smartur: is an educational initiative of Trendyworks targeted towards K12 segment in India. has been launched to provide affordable digital content solutions to schools. India has one of the largest school going populations in the world. The digital content needs of these students are being met by a set of companies that believes are affordable only to an elite few. The core mission of Smartur is to offer cutting edge digital solutions to schools across Private and Government domain that are effective and affordable and leverage the latest developments in technology.

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