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Smart Travel & Incentives Reviews 3 Best Places To Go If You Love Food

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European food

Indulge in authentic spaghetti, pizza and lasagna from Italy. Enjoy Spanish Paella, prosciutto-wrapped dates and spicy chorizo in Spain. Enjoy pancakes with sugar and honey, feta-filled phyllo dough pastries and other traditional dishes in Greece. Europe is a food-lover's dream come true!

Indian Food

Enjoy the different spices and herbs in Indian food, like curry powder, even if you are a vegetarian because they have many non-meat dishes to offer. Try meals like lentil stew, poori and various rice dishes or for a meat-eater try decadent butter chicken. Your taste buds will be awakened by the different delicious food India has to offer.

Filipino Food

Try out Filipino food and get a taste of the truly exotic. Traditional Filipino desserts like Halo-Halo, Leche Flan and Buko Pandan will.

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