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Through the years, people have traveled for many reasons. Health, relaxation, adventure, history, cultural and more keep travelers on the move each year. Foodies are also a know well known sect of the tourism sector. Understanding the taste is one of the strongest senses and source of many memories, it makes sense to travel for taste.

Known as foodies, there is a growing sect of the travel population that travels simply to experience the cuisine unique to an area. In addition to finding some of the most unique and tasty foods, you can also get to know more about a culture by exploring the foods specialized to an area. One obvious case in point is the great state of Louisiana.

Louisiana is known for its amazing and sometimes a bit "unique" cuisines, making it a rational and wonderful choice for foodies. Cajun and Creole cooking are just two obvious reasons to love this type of tourism in Louisiana. Inspired by history and culture themselves, the French heritage which inspired the Cajun foods of today are unique and easily distinguished.

Part of history, the cultural diversity and unique populations of people who call Louisiana home make foodie travel an integral part of the tourism industry in Louisiana. Smart Travel & Incentives would like you to get to know more about this type of travel and this amazing location. Be a foodie in Louisiana with Smart Travel & Incentives and find out what you have been missing.

Usually considered 3 pot meals a Cajun feast generally begins with a main dish made up of a local meat generally, a secondary dish consisting of rice or other grain, followed by a third, usually a local vegetable available at the time.

If Cajun is what you seek, head to Baton Rouge, home to some of Louisianas finest Cajun diners which feature food including broiled or blackened shrimp, frog, fish and of course gumbo.

If Creole is your craving, you are also in for a treat for your taste buds. Inspired by French, Spanish, Caribbean, Deep Southern, Native, African and Canarian influences, this is a more rustic and varied type of cuisine and is native to Louisiana itself. Jubans in Baton Rouge has been feature in a number of magazines as one of the best Restaurants in America. It features Creole meals with ingredients including crab, trout and yellow fin, and other local meats found in Louisiana.

No matter what you crave, Louisiana is sure to tickle your taste-buds and have you wondering why you didn't become a foodie sooner. Travel more and learn more about travel with Smart Travel & Incentives as your travel partner.

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