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Smart Inventory - The Runner Up of AIIC Inventory Clerk of the Year 2013, Welcomes New Trainees

Due to the high volume of work we have been receiving we felt it prudent to take on a trainee clerk.

Due to the high volume of work we have been receiving we felt it prudent to take on a trainee clerk. The new guy started shadowing Steve last week and began to learn how an inventory is compiled. Our typists in New Zealand have a standard inventory template in front of them when they open the inventory clerks tape. They expect that the clerk dictates the report in a chronological order giving first the name of the letting agent/private landlords details followed by the date, type of property and the full address and post code.

Then it's time to list everything in the property starting with the door and frame followed by the ceiling, walls, fixed lighting, windows, heating, woodwork, floor, freestanding furniture, fireplace, pictures & mirrors and sockets & switches all the appliances and sanitary ware. When done, photos are taken of everything individually including meters and keys. It can be quite daunting for a prospective new clerk to take this in, they are provided with an aide memoir to help prompt them through the process which is the probationary clerks comfort blanket and guide when compiling the report.

The next daunting task facing the newbie is using a dictating machine, apart from the mechanics quite often the individual has a real problem listening to their own voice back! We try to impress upon them that our typists are in New Zealand and don't care what they sound like so long as they dictate the running order correctly otherwise they would be up and down the page costing them time and a little frustration. This particular potential clerk felt that the job was too difficult and would take too long to grasp and declined the opportunity to become an inventory check in/check out clerk.

It is not a job for everyone you have to have a good eye for detail, be regimented and thorough. Not only do you have to list everything in the property to protect the landlord but also a duty of care to the tenant noting anything that maybe a health & safety issue such as faulty smoke detectors, exposed wiring, sharp or damaged objects and any cleaning issues.

An inventory clerks job is not an easy one and will not suit everyone you have to be focused, anal and probably suffer with OCD!

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