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Bambrick Media, a leading digital marketing company based in Brisbane, offers smart and reliable e-mail marketing services. This service aims to provide online marketers a customer engagement solution that doesn't require heavy spending.

Bambrick Media, one of the leading online marketing agencies in Queensland, offers smart e-mail marketing services. This is part of the company's awareness program one-mail marketing and how it still brings in great returns despite the heavy use of various social media platforms today.

E-Mail Marketing Not Yet Dead

Despite the ever-growing platforms for online communications, Bambrick Media still employs e-mail as part of a smart marketing strategy. The company disproves that e-mail marketing is fading out of favour and produces less favourable results than social media platforms.

Bambrick Media explains that e-mail marketing is a simple and low-cost way to deliver customised and targeted messages to existing customers and prospects. E-mail nurtures relationships through a personalised approach, thus, increasing customer lifetime value. This marketing technique also helps businesspeople acquire leads and turns prospects into paying customers.

Bambrick Media offers a streamlined and smart roster of applications that allow businesspeople to manage e-mail campaigns and customer database subscription with convenience. App features include email personalisation, targeting based on criteria and demographics, database fields that can be personalised, importation of subscribers from Excel, auto-management of subscription and unfollowing, and, word processor-like editor for content creation. Thee-mail app also helps in managing bounce backs and invalid messages and incorporating blogs and products through newsletter generation. Marketers can also get full delivery and click-through reports.

Bambrick Media also provides social strategies that will go with e-mail marketing tactics. Included in this set of services are account set-up, competitor analysis, community management, integration, and analytics.

About Bambrick Media

Bambrick Media is one of Queensland's top digital marketing agencies. The company specialises in website development, branding, online marketing, and search engine optimisation. The company is a collective of digital strategists, experienced brand managers, and web analytics experts that ensures ROI for their clients. Bambrick Media's work revolves around the following philosophies: technical excellence, adoption of proven innovation, collaborative approach, exceeding customer's expectations, and integrity in their deals with stakeholders. With 15 years of experience, Bambrick Media has helped more than 500 individual businesses, which include privately held corporations, not-for-profit organisations, SMEs, and publicly listed companies.

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