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Small Design Focused Non-profit, Unlocked Furniture, Launches on Indiegogo

Unlocked is launching its first group of products, with all the profits going towards furnishing impoverished schools with the very same furniture being sold.

Children in many parts of the world face the challenge of trying to learn in classrooms without proper furnishings - at times even being forced to sit on dirt or cement floors. Unlocked is on a mission to help.

For each desk and chair set sold, Unlocked will donate an identical set to a school in need. A unique plywood design allows 2 desk and chair sets to be made from one sheet of plywood. Assembly is completed using interlocking joints and pressure fit, making the furnishings easy to flat-pack, transport and assemble. Now a truck that could only transport 30 desks now carries 69, which is critical in impoverished areas with limited infrastructure. Designing products to fit this need while still striving to create items that can still exist in the online retail marketplace has resulted in uniquely beautiful and functional products.

To maximize our impact Unlocked will remain extremely lean- both in terms of our manufacturing process and business structure. Many of the advantages that allows us to easily manufacture at donation sites also allow us to manufacture domestically sold products in the United States. Nesting all the parts of our C series desks and chairs within one another minimizes waste and allows us to use higher grade materials than would normally be possible. By producing when orders are received and shipping direct we are able to sell our products well below this price (current being sold at http://igg.me/at/unlockedfurniture/x/6043203). All these things combine with the aesthetic care taken during the design our products to provide open access to non-disposable, well designed products at home while helping others abroad.

About Unlocked Inc (www.unlockedfurniture.org).:
Unlocked is a non-profit organization that designs, manufactures and distributes furniture in the United States and uses the profits to manufacture and distribute furniture to areas in need. Other companies may have charitable goals, but technically may not be charities. What this means is that all the money Unlocked takes in goes towards furthering its stated goals.

A second difference is that Unlocked don't just give supplies, they also produce the products they donate in the area where they will be used. This allows them to support local infrastructure and help communities as a whole to grow.

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