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Slyde Handboards Celebrates "International Surfing Day" Offering An Innovative Board Solution To Ocean Enthusiasts

In support of Surfrider's "International Surfing Day," Slyde Handboards announced that for every Slyde Handboard sold from June 15th-July 1st 2012 a $5 donation will be given to Surfrider Foundation, in effort to protect and the ocean.

Slyde Handboards is an emerging "surf" brand, which is exclusively centered on the sport of Handboarding/Bodysurfing.

Perhaps best described by its tagline:
"Body Surfing for the next generation".

Slyde Handboards is based out of Venice Beach, California, and is the brainchild of Steve Watts.

Steve grew up surfing the beaches of South Africa, alongside of some of the "world's greatest surfers," and spent eight years traveling to many of the world's most elusive surf destinations.

It was thru his travel experiences and his intrinsic "love for the ocean," that Steve saw a need to expand the current surfing platform, creating an alternative surfboard option, which allows anyone to enjoy the ocean.

"Everyone can and should handboard!It's an excellent way to learn and understand the ocean and waves. Handboarding/Bodysurfing is wave riding stripped to the barest essentials, it's pure communication with the ocean." said Steve Watts founder of Slyde Handboards.

On Wednesday June 20th, 2012 the Surfrider Foundation hosts a cause complimentary to Slyde Handboard's vision, entitled "International Surfing Day."

International Surfing Day is a global movement that intends to increase awareness and enthusiasm for protecting and enjoying the oceans, waves, and beaches.

The Surfrider Foundation has confirmed that more than 120 official International Surfing Day events, in over 20 countries, will take place on the June 20th 2012.

"This year promises to be our best year yet in terms all the various events taking place around the world, and packages being offered to our supporters," said Matt McClain, Director of Marketing and Communications for the Surfrider Foundation.

In support of Surfrider's global efforts during "International Surfing Day", Slyde Handboards has announced that for every Slyde Handboard sold from June 15th-July 1st 2012 a $5 donation will be given to the Surfrider foundation for the continued protection of the ocean.

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