Sliding Door Opens A New Showroom To Bring Its Innovative Door Solutions Closer To Clients In New York

New Yorkers Can Now Easily Access The Company's Stylistic Sliding Doors CC And Room Dividers For Both Domestic And Commercial Purposes.

New Yorkers Can Now Easily Access The Company's Stylistic Sliding Doors CC And Room Dividers For Both Domestic And Commercial Purposes

Sliding Door is a company which designs, retails and installs innovative sliding doors CC for both commercial and residential applications. Started by the celebrated design company, California Closets, Sliding Door's main products include sliding doors, barn doors, mirrored doors and room partitions. The company recently announced that opening of a new showroom in New York.

The showroom which is located in Westchester County is aimed at making it easier for clients in New York to access the company's products. The showroom intended to be a base from which the company will service Manhattan, Westchester, Brooklyn, Manhasset, Long Island, Queens and New Rochelle. The aim is to bring the company's products and services closer to its clients in the New York area.

According to sources at Sliding Door, clients will be able to walk into the showroom, view the different products, and make their purchases. The showroom will also be a base for the company's technicians who will assist clients with the product installations and repairs. This will solve a major problem client's face with third-party technicians who often fail to install the products to the highest levels of precision.

All Sliding Door products are crafted to the highest levels of artistry, precision and design. As such, they have to be installed with technique and precision in order to function perfectly. Through the New York Showroom, technicians who are specifically trained to fit the products will be just a call away for New Yorkers.

The company also provides custom design solutions. The aim of this is to provide products with fit in seamlessly with the overall style, design scheme and interior decor of the room where they are to be fitted. Through this option, the company sends its technical staff to assess the client's needs, and then designs a product which is specifically intended to satisfy that need. The New York Showroom will bring this service closer to clients in the New York Area.

Apart from the physical showroom in Westchester County, Sliding Door also has an online showroom where clients can view its various products. The online showroom is found on the company's official website, There a client can view the different applications of the company's products such as closet doors, bathroom doors, room dividers, and office partitions. Through the website, a client can even place an order and have the product shipped out for them.

Therefore, whoever wants more information about Sliding Door's New York Showroom can visit the company's website,

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