Six Tips To Help You Feed Media Managers What They Are Truly Hungry For... Piles Of Fresh Stories!

"Media is ultra-fractrationalized these days and each outlet tries to stake out its own little corner of the audience," Delroy A. Whyte-Hall, content strategist, AcclaimPR.

In order to get your product, service, organization, or idea into the media, you have to talk the media manager's language. You must hit what is called the "Media Manager Hot Buttons", says multi-award-winning journalist and head of (, an online publicity marketing consultancy that specializes in writing press releases, media pitch letters and other publicity materials for your book, product or service for businesses and organisations.

"First, target your message to the medium that is most interested in your type of story," he says, but quickly adds that media, particularly television, go for a mass audience.

"Radio, however, seeks a very tightly focused demographically skewed crowd. Magazines touch a specialized regional or national readership," the content strategist further notes.

Local paper, he says, goes for a very local angle.

"Media is ultra-fractrationalized these days and each outlet tries to stake out its own little corner of the audience. Think about which media outlet in your community addresses your target customers," the AcclaimPR spokesperson says.

According to Whyte-Hall, there are several topics that media managers almost always go for. However, he believes that will be only possible if business operators can think of a way to combine their message with one of these topics, then of course, they'll be in the running's.

The following pointers help you feed media managers what they are truly hungry for by way of information:

1. Is your story trendy? At any given time there are certain topics that the media seems to be beating to death. It may be reduction of crime, or new schools, or the city's sorry streets. Find some way to connect your message to the media's latest trend.

2. Does your message fit with one of America's cherish beliefs? Story lines such as "the little guy takes on corruption" or "formerly poor single mom takes on the business world and succeeds" or "one guy gets fed up and cleans up his neighborhood" are stories the media always jumps for. Even if you're selling gum, there is probably some way for you to connect your business with one of the many stories that fit into the cherished belief mold.

3. Does your message tie into a topic of mass interest? Media frequently does surveys to find out the community's top five concerns. The results are almost always the same. Crime, kids, schools, roads, employment. The media always covers topics like these.


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