Nail Polish and More now offers six new LeChat Mood Gel Polish colors. These eye-catching Perfect Match colors result in a beautiful gradient based on the wearer's mood, meaning that buyers can wear their emotions on their fingernails.

Nail Polish and More, a top web retailer of nail polish and supplies, is announcing the release of six hot new colors of the LeChat Perfect Match Mood gel polish: Tidal Wave, Sunset Beach, Skies the Limit, Midnight Pearl, Coral Caress, and Blue Moon.

LeChat's specially-formulated Mood gel polish is sure to wow just about everyone. The new colors being offered for sale on vary in hue from purple to red with every shade in between. There is a color out there for even the pickiest of clients, and the gradient coloring that comes with the finished product looks absolutely mesmerizing. All of the Perfect Match Mood gel polish colors can be seen at

Clients wanting to add a bit of spice to their life will love the bright orange Sunset Beach while others looking for something a little more classy and conservative might choose LeChat's Coral Caress. Tidal Wave's azure depths will remind anyone of a relaxing day at the beach. All of the colors look astounding against any skin type and are both easy to apply and remove.

"We're really happy about offering these new colors to our customers. With the unique gradients created by LeChat's Mood gel polish, all of our customers can have that special, one of a kind look," says Nail Polish and More representative Brent Wong. "We encourage our customers to enhance their individuality in creative ways and are always happy to let them give a new color a try to see how much of a difference it makes."

Nail Polish and More is currently running a promotion that gives ten percent off on all inventory, including the new LeChat Perfect Match Mood gel polish colors. Customers can type in the coupon code NPM10%OFF at checkout to receive the discount. Visit for more details.

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