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Site Backup Pro Introduces Complete Website Backing Up

Site Backup Pro, a new utility to backup the entire contents of a given website including MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, is released.

Despite simple and straightforward user interface, the program performs a fully functional and secure backup of a website to a local folder.

Backing up contents of the website protects it from a number of force-majeure situations and helps to bring it back online faster. Until now only few backup solutions could really backup databases, and none of them were able to actually backup a website as a whole.

Site Backup Pro 1.0 successfully closes this gap. This new utility is a true gem: not only does it backup the entire contents of a given site, it also makes a local copy of its MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, providing a surprisingly simple way to save all blog, forum and CMS data as well as any other information stored in a database.

Even better, the program requires only SSH connection. Unsecured channels, such as FTP or direct socket access to databases are not used, so the backed up data remains protected all the time. Also, the backup goes on the fly, without intermediate or temporary files created on the server side, preventing any interception of the information being transferred.

The interface of the program is very responsive and straightforward. After quick configuration of a host and SSH connection, users can immediately run the backup process. The program scans a specified website and backups folders and databases users choose.

Compatible with most popular hosting services (including VPS, VDS and cloud hosting), Site Backup Pro is a very efficient and affordable tool to backup website contents with minimum effort.

Pricing and availability
Site Backup Pro is available for versions of Windows from Windows XP through Windows 8.1. The software offers three licensing plans: the Individual edition for $29.99, the Business edition for $74.99 and the Enterprise edition for $199.99 with different maximum number of allowed websites. There is also the Ultimate edition able to backup a custom number of websites.


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