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Single Mother of Three Girls Wins a Year of Free Housecleaning

The Cleaning Authority announces the winner of its "Win a Year of Free Housecleaning" giveaway, a resident of Edmund, Oklahoma.

Today, The Cleaning Authority (TCA) announced the latest winner of its "Win a Year of Free Housecleaning" giveaway, and the happy winner is Kim DeQuasie of Edmund, OK.

"I have three kids, and two are teenagers, so it was a huge gift to be able to have that taken care of so I can spend more time doing the things we enjoy instead of worrying about scrubbing things," says Kim, who works full-time as a Business Travel Counselor for American Express,

"Many people don't realize how much time they spend on cleaning the house. It's time that's taken away from your family and so to have somebody else come in, and then it's done, and be able to spend your time on things that matter, that's huge!"

Kim understands how difficult it is to make housework the focus with a busy life and schedule. The Cleaning Authority has helped busy families get their free time back for the last 30 years by offering high quality cleaning at an affordable price.

"Truly I don't think my house was ever this clean all at one time. Between cheering, and football games, and basketball games and volleyball games, and other friend things and school functions…literally you do it as you can."

Now that Kim has The Cleaning Authority, there's a new activity they are able to do called relaxing, "We've been able to go do fun things, and even relax and watch movies together. We're usually trying to get the house put together before we have to go somewhere, so just the stress relief that it's brought has been huge."

The Cleaning Authority of Oklahoma, OK, owned and operated by Brad & Kendra Ayers has been serving the Oklahoma City area since 2011.

"I'm excited because the winner was someone here in my community," says Brad, "Kim was so ecstatic and thankful, she couldn't believe that she was actually going to be getting free cleans, and she was particularly impressed with our Detail-Clean Rotation System. It's special because it's not just someone from my town, it's helping a hard working single mom!"

The Cleaning Authority will be selecting another "Year of Free Housecleaning" winner in the beginning of April. For your chance to win visit and enter today!

ABOUT THE CLEANING AUTHORITY: Founded in 1989, The Cleaning Authority currently operates over 185 residential cleaning franchise locations in the United States and Canada. The company features a unique Detail-Clean Rotation System®, proprietary operations software, national call center, and an extensive employee training program that is a model for the residential cleaning industry. The Cleaning Authority is privately held and headquartered in Columbia, MD.

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