Singer/Songwriter Gregory Brock Signs Management Deal With Gig Productions

Singer/Songwriter Gregory Brock signs Management deal with Gig Productions. "I wanted a stellar management team and was lucky enough to find one who knows the pulse of the industry and knows how to get my music out there" Gregory Brock.

Gregory Bock, a Southern California Singer/Songwriter was recently signed to Gig Productions."We are quite excited about Gregory coming on board with us," said Jeff Arcio, President of Gig Productions.

GiG Productions has successfully managed, promoted and premiered some of the best and brightest talent throughout Europe and the United States. They have placed acts in small and large venues, festivals, and concerts both nationally and internationally. They have completed projects with such companies as Warner Chapel, Sony Music Group, Paramount, Randon Cartoons and Univision Latina. We have written for, produced or performed with everyone from N'Sync to Andre Crouch. With Gregory on board as a singer/songwriter, they will focus more on music placement in films. He is currently working on music for several independent film projects.

Gregory has already had a taste of success with his impressive debut single called "She" that reached number 19 on Billboard Magazine's charts, followed by "Rainbow Eyes" that reached number 18 on Billboard Magazine's "Hot Single Sales".

This talented artist has always had an insatiable appetite for music. At an early age he says he "lived for music". As a songwriter, he draws on the vivid memories, feelings and emotions he felt growing up in California. As far back as he remembers, music had a hypnotic effect on him. He remembers as a young child staring out of the car window desperately trying to block out the sounds of his sibling's laughter. All he wanted to do was to escape into the faraway places a song was taking him. He was extremely shy and music was the medium that would allow him to express himself without reservation.

Gregory believes that those things are the things that mold us, strengthen us, grow us and ultimately turn us into who we are. He continues to write, just as an artist continues to paint. It's a part of his soul. "I can't just dismiss that. Something I hear or feel may inspire me, and I have to put it into music- it's who I am."

Gregory has performed in Japan, Korea, the Philippines and all over America. He has shared the stage with Blue Oyster Cult, Robin Trower, and The Bay City Rollers.

Coming on board with Gig Productions will bring greater opportunities to expose Gregory's music to a larger and more diverse audience as well as music projects in film and television.

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Gig Productions is a full service entertainment management company, working with musicians, vocalists, producers and songwriters throughout Europe and the United States.

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