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Singer, Songwriter, Grammy Winner Deniece Williams Launches Her Latest Album on Kickstarter

Deniece Williams fans are offered the opportunity to partner up on her exclusive Kickstarter holiday CD/DVD music project: "Christmas With Deniece"

Grammy Award winner Deniece Williams is a popular singer/songwriter who has had a long and fruitful career in the pop, R&B, and the gospel arenas. But, there is one project she has envisioned creating for a very long time, which is a Christmas CD/DVD production simply and aptly entitled "Christmas With Deniece."

"The truth is I really didn't know how I wanted to approach creating this production until Kickstarter came along. When I learned more about it I realized it was the perfect vehicle for the projects I want to create. For this particular project, I want to produce this project myself in the way I envision it and deliver it to my fans and listening audience. With my Kickstarter backers, the cost of production is significantly less, and I can give my fans so much more than ever before. I think Kickstarter is an incredible venue for artists, entrepreneurs, inventors, educators or nearly anyone who wants or needs to raise funding capital. I am already planning my next project involving music education. I am so excited about the future of crowdfunding and the promise of hope it can bring project creators of all kinds."

The Production:

Ms. Williams has selected ten Christmas songs to perform. In addition to the songs, there will also be the DVD production featuring the music, a vast photo gallery, creative art, and special behind-the-scenes footage. This project will appeal to not only her existing fans, but is expected to be popular among a wide range of new listeners, as well.

Recording a Song With Deniece Williams:

Kickstarter backers will have the opportunity to record a song with Ms. Williams. The song she has chosen to perform is a collaborative work of multiple artists and musicians in an effort to help raise awareness for the Wounded Warrior Project, an organization Ms. Williams is supportive of.

The Pledges and Benchmarks:

There are twenty-five different Kickstarter pledge rewards packages, and backers can donate as little as $1 to participate. There are many levels of participation for anyone interested in being involved.

Pledges include anything from receiving songs and personalized ringtones and answertones, to copies of CDs, DVDs, customized artwork, to receiving t-shirts, downloads and even getting a direct phone call or even a Skype from the singer.

In addition, Ms. Williams will also host various Kickstarter events, where you will be able to join her and her band backstage. Backers can also receive the opportunity to spend a day with the artist learning how an album is produced and recorded.

Please view the Deniece Williams website at http://www.deniecewilliams.com or visit Kickstarter.com and search for Deniece Williams.

For questions about this article or about the project contact Dawn Lambros at (818) 613-9963

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