Simply Math Encourages Parents to Help Their Children Revise Maths

Simply Math arranges tutoring sessions to help both the child and the parent to understand its pedagogy of mathematics. Attend the workshops and help your child in the subject even better at home.

Maths is an important subject for a child's growth in academics and life. Children grasp or understand a subject matter more easily when they get support both from teachers as well as parents. Thus, Maths tuition in Singapore is a common practice used to reinforce a child's mathematical skills and general attitude in several ways.

Simply Math advices you to get involved in your child's mathematics as parents when he's young so that a concrete foundation on the subject is build, which evolves while he progresses through school. The coaching institute offers comprehensive in person maths tuitions that caters important problem sums, model answers, question banks and other valuable study material.

Parents play a serious role in helping a child progress in Mathematics by understanding his problem areas which may be lack of concentration, basic concept not clear, memory issues and so on. Parent's involvement in helping their child by spending time with them and coaching them helps encourage their morale.

However, it has been observed that many parents do not know how exactly to help their child when at home. For them, Simply Math gives counseling on call as per parent's convenience by helping them understand and solving a problem using proper methods.

Many parents pay a high price for their child to attend a 3-4 day workshop however, without their involvement the effects are short lived. Also, teachers spend years to master subject pedagogy and achieve concept clarity then how can someone achieve it in 3-4 days? It is a practice that evolves with time.

So, be a positive thinker and encourage your child to be a problem-solver. Communicate with your child about mathematics, giving him opportunities to think out loud. Ask him to act like a teacher and put questions at you. Make sure their basic concepts are clear. Play games that require analytical thinking. It can be fun at the same time sharpen your child's mind.

Mr. Steven Tan runs Simply Math. He has years of experience in handling students of different caliber. Formerly a maths teacher in a government school, he is committed now as a full time home tutor in Singapore. With a Bachelors degree in mathematics from NIE, his approach towards teaching maths is aimed at helping students gain a better understanding of mathematical concepts, earn higher grades and become efficient problem solvers in life.


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