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Playing Online Cricket Game provides good feast among all cricket lovers.

The player names, which are presently associated in the real tournament is listed and points allotted to them. These points have been allotted based on various other factors. The player form is taken care and several previous performances of the player have been accounted for, while allotting the points.

Every player is allotted with specific points, within which they need to create the team. It means that the selected player total should not exceed the allotted total budget points. This is where; the original knowledge and selection skills come into play.

People seriously interested to win games in fantasy cricket and to select a dream team, should have basic knowledge of the real game that would not only help them to win, but also to enjoy the game thoroughly. But, one should not get swayed by big names and reputation at the time of selecting the team. Merit is said to be the only great tip for helping the player to win the game and be successful.

By playing this game frequently the user can gain more cricket knowledge and about the current team squad. The user will be able to pick the best players among the teams and it should be picked within the available salary cap. The competition will be more among the users as they pick the different players and they perform well on pitch.

This fantasy cricket provides the unique scoring system and provides the exciting cash prizes for the league winners. It aids them in professional game player.

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