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SIMBA Produce Uses Barcodes For Inventory Management

Redmond, Washington/ May 23, 2014 / Dynamic Systems, Inc., a leader in barcode tracking systems, has announced the release of Checkmate Inventory Management for the Produce Industry.

About SIMBA Inventory Software

CheckMate Inventory Management is a very flexible, easy to use inventory Control system targeted for small to mid-sized companies. Barcode technology is a proven and accurate method of data collection to manage inventory to 99+% accuracy at all times.

The Checkmate system automates shipping and receiving and increases the speed and accuracy of inventory counting by the use of barcode technology.

Checkmate Inventory Management controls inventory shrinkage, reconciles physical inventory records accurately, stores and records inventory by location, eliminates out of stock conditions by setting min/max levels, increases inventory turns, reduces labor hours searching and counting inventory, tracks expiration dates, and more.

Inventory Management is Fast and Easy
This easy-to-use software is designed as a complete inventory management system, keeping track of unlimited SKU's from receiving through storage, production (if applicable) to shipping. The software tracks inventory by multiple units of measure (each/lb/bag/box) and records lot numbers and expiration dates. Reports provide replenishment information and usage. "Soft" field names, allow the user to rename the fields using any company's specific terminology. Checkmate's extensive reports and queries provide detailed information regarding the location, usage and movement of the inventory items.

"I'm impressed with the simplicity and adaptability of your Stockroom Management System. It's affordable for most organizations, even those with just a hand full of employees," stated Bill Allen, Process Control Consultant.

The software is Windows™ based, can be integrated with other programs, and easily is configured to your requirements without custom modifications.

Cost Justification

Calculate the advantages of the use of barcode: eliminating errors, improved staff productivity, reduction of employee's frustrations and reduced waste from expired items.

Contact: Rob Freeman, VP Business Development


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