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SIMBA Mobile Software Provides Traceability for Food & Seafood Processors

Redmond - WA Dynamic Systems, Inc., a Redmond, Washington software developer specializing in barcode data collection, has announced the release of SIMBA Mobile.

Increase production speed and traceability The SIMBA (Specialized Inventory Management with Barcode Accuracy) system solves the problem of how to produce and track complete product labeling for fresh food or seafood on the fly.

SIMBA Mobile is designed for those companies that process in bulk (similar or same products into constant weight cartons) in the field or at a dock. The system runs on a mobile barcode data collection terminal, and allows the worker to produce product labels with all pertinent information (including a GS-1 code), capturing product information (weight, size, color, grade) for that carton or bag. The label information is then stored in the SIMBA inventory spreadsheet, which provides data for inventory management, traceability and shipping. The cartons may be accumulated onto a pallet and tracked with a single pallet identifier.

Van Loading
At the time of shipping, the Van Loading feature of SIMBA Mobile tracks each carton or pallet onto a specific van. A Bill of Lading is then produced automatically. This feature not only saves time in the shipping process, it eliminates disputes with the customer regarding what was actually shipped.

Key results from implementing the SIMBA software include increased production speed; the ability to get same day, accurate production reports; ability to fulfill traceability requirements; accurate inventory; professional looking carton and pallet labels; and expedited van loading.

Productivity and Compliance Labeling Requirements are driving the fresh food industry to use barcode technology-in the field, on the production line and in storage & shipping. Being in the fresh food business means getting short shelf-life products to market as quickly and cost effectively as possible.
Wholesalers and retailers are becoming more demanding and the processors, in order to comply with new requirements, are using bar code technology in increasing numbers.

Alaskan fish processors have been using SIMBA software for over 25 years. It was designed in the late 1980's with the purpose of reporting daily production to management and sales. Since then, the system has expanded to include printing compliance labels, tracking inventory, shipment verification, and complete lot traceability for food safety.

The fresh food industry encompasses everything from fish to
produce to meat and poultry to berries and citrus fruits. Each product has its own unique challenges for production, handling and food safety. The following is a discussion of available and scalable solutions for fresh food growers, processors

See details at http://www.a-barcode.com/simba/produce-traceability-software

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