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Silver Lining-Truck and Trailer Hauling Liner

The Silver Lining-Truck and Trailer Hauling Liner is perfect for use in collecting, containing, transporting and disposing materials.

Truck owners, you probably love your truck and its many hauling abilities. But the cleanup after hauling your trash, dirt, leaves, etc. is a real hassle. What you need is the Silver Lining Truck and Trailer Hauling Liner. The Silver Lining-Truck and Trailer Hauling Liner is a heavy duty, reinforced bag/liner specially designed to be used in conjunction with open landscaping utility trailers or pickup truck beds.

Offered in various dimensions, it provides both professionals and "do-it-yourselfers" with a simple and efficient way of collecting, containing, safely transporting and disposing of various materials (mulch, dirt, branches, leaves, grass cuttings, trash or demolition material). Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Silver Lining -Truck and Trailer Hauler Liner.

The Patent Pending Silver Lining-Truck and Trailer Hauling Liner was invented by Keith Wessner of Flourtown, PA, who said, "The Silver Lining is fabricated of a heavy duty, synthetic woven fabric (such as canvas or nylon), and is generally rectangular in shape. Each side of the bag extends upward, and is topped by straps that are used to secure the unit to the sides of the trailer. The base of the Silver Lining has a hard plastic bottom, further helping to stabilize the sides of the unit while in use and also facilitating easy clean up after use. You need only unfold the bag inside the trailer or truck bed, and secure the straps to the trailer's sides. The bag is then filled, closed, and transported to a disposal location. It can be emptied manually or removed with a lifting mechanism using the included handles. The bag is then cleaned and refolded until ready for use again."

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