With SPT's latest RFID technology, liability issues behind large warehouse operations become a thing of the past, with it goes hours of wasted time.

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Silent Partner Technologies, the leader in RFID tracking applications, has introduced an RFID solution that solves the two biggest forklift-related issues: Employee injuries and quickly locating warehouse equipment.

With an astounding 34,900 serious injuries caused by forklifts per year, Silent Partner Technologies recognized the need to make a change. Their patented RFID Forklift Warning Light System works to prevent accidents before they happen by utilizing a connection between RFID tags placed on the mobile forklifts and either self-contained or remote warning lights. Once the tagged forklift nears a designated "danger area," the advanced proximity alert system will activate. Employees no longer need to worry about forklifts taking them off guard.

The solution is effortless to implement, and requires no IT support. The system is made up of three components: the Silent Partner Technologies RFID reader and its associated RFID tags, along with the appropriate light or buzzer which is selected by user. The RFID readers and tags are user configure-able for each and every unique "zone"/""area"", and installation is very simple. Essentially as forklifts near an area, the lights will alert any passer by immediately thus preventing a potential harm.

"Installation is so quick and easy that customers wonder why they have not installed it sooner. Most installations are stand-alone and require no IT involvement," said Ted Kostis of Silent Partner Technologies.

Silent Partner Technologies' RFID Real Time Location System (RTLS) puts the guesswork out of forklift location. Not every forklift is manned and a call away. But with the RFID RTLS, they don't have to be. Warehouse and distribution managers can find any piece of equipment-parked or mobile-in a matter of seconds. This allows them to spend more time using their forklifts and less time wasted looking for them.

"The System can also bypass Wi-Fi systems and not rob bandwidth from current applications," added Ted Kostis of the RFID RTLS.

About Silent Partner Technologies

Silent Partner Technologies, based in Tarpon Springs, Fla., is a software developer and systems integrator of leading edge RFID applications and solutions such as Wander Prevention Management, RFID Asset Tracking, Equipment Tracking and Art Asset Monitoring. Our RFID products enable our customers to collect, track and manage data for various valuable assets in a variety of environments and in real time. For more information, visit http://www.silentpartnertech.com/rfid-applications-products/forklift-rfid-exclusive-products/