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Shots That Shape Up The Body And Build Good Health

Wheat grass shots must be consumed at most couple of times a day, and the juice should be kept covered and refrigerated to get the best result.

At a seminar held in the laboratory and testing centre at Wheat grass, the chief dietician and health and wellness expert has discussed today, the benefits, nutrition facts and side-effects of consumption of shots made from wheat grass. The chief of dietetics has further shared some excellent ways for the intake of these shots in the form of several yummy recipes that can be prepared in the blink of an eye. The shots, often referred to as wheat grass jamba juice is a tiny amount of the juice, basically quite bitter and not very tasty to sip, are in quantity of 2-4 ounces. Prepared from the delicate and fine shoots of wheat grass plant, this juice can be mixed with other juices or smoothies for consumption.

In the ongoing seminar, the dietician has emphasized the efficacy of wheat grass shots for a healthy diet regimen. She further added that almost 85% of families in a recently conducted study have testified in favor of these shots as it provided quite a lot of energy boost almost satisfying the entire vitamin and mineral needs of the body. Basically, a solitary shot of wheat grass contains plenty of vitamins and minerals, that comprise beta-carotene and vitamins E, C, and B12, and essential minerals like magnesium and potassium and other useful nutrients. As a knowledgeable wellness expert, she also stated that the shots provide relief from digestive troubles, menopause symptoms and constipation as well as act as a shield in case of cardiac problems and diabetes and detoxify the blood stream of the body.

The shots contain Vitamin A, C, B6, K and B12, in abundant quantities, and also calcium, iron, protein and magnesium in good amounts per serving. It's very beneficial to health as it does not contain any cholesterol, fat, sugar or sodium. The chief of dietetics however, has warned saying that people should never overdo the consumption, as it may lead to bloating, cramps in stomach.

At the seminar today, the chief of dietetics also stated that the obtaining of wheat grass for the preparation of shots should be done with meticulous care. She pointed out that in a recent study conducted by the testing centre, 50 out of 90 families opted for purchase of shots of wheat grass at local juice bars, wellness supply stores, local marts selling the health foods or specialty grocers. While the remaining 40 families chose the better way, personally growing wheat grass and preparing the shots themselves at home.

Some excellent and yummy recipes are there to prepare smoothies using wheat grass juice and plenty of other fruits such as, cranberry, apple, peach, pineapple, banana, orange, pears, grapes, strawberries, raspberry, lemons, and adding vegetables from the kitchen like tomato, cucumber, ginger, carrot, beetroot, spinach, parsley, mint to name a few.

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